Tree Service

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Tree Service - What We Provide

Tree Service | Total Tree Service and Landscaping LLC - West Hartford, CT

Total Tree Service and Landscaping LLC offers West Hartford, CT, dedicated tree removal services that help protect, beautify, and expand both commercial and residential properties. Whether you have a fallen pine blocking your drive, a dead oak threatening to topple in the next ice storm, an ugly old stump rotting in the middle of your lawn, or a parcel that your need cleared, Total Tree Service and Landscaping LLC can handle the job quickly and securely.

Licensed and fully ensured, our experienced crew of tree service professionals uses advanced equipment to remove unwanted or dangerous trees as cleanly and efficiently as possible so that you can focus on business or daily life.

As our name states, we provide total tree service, including the following kinds of work:

Emergency Tree Removal—Our specialty is emergency tree removal under any conditions. When trees are down on your property or threatening to fall, you need help immediately. With one call to us and our experienced work crews will be on the scene shortly to remove fallen or dangerous trees from you property quickly and without harm to your property.
Stump Removal—Removing a stump, while less risky than removing a tree, is nevertheless a difficult task for companies that don’t have the right equipment. At Total Tree Service and Landscaping LLC, we use our array of stump grinders to reduce any stump to mere chips, which we then quickly clear from you property. After grass is replanted on the spot, all you’ll have left is a level lawn, with no trace of a stump or a tree to be seen.
Lot Clearing—Do you need a wooded parcel of land prepared for your next construction project? Total Tree Service and Landscaping LLC also provides reliable lot clearing services. We clear the trees and stumps designated for removal from your property quickly and according to your schedule, while taking care not to touch the trees you want left in place.

Don’t wait for damaged trees or limbs on your property to fall before calling for help, and don’t waste time and money on companies that don’t have the experience, manpower, or equipment to handle the job. For fast tree service you can count on, contact Total Tree Service and Landscaping LLC and let us handle the rest!