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Landscaping - Our Expert Climbers

Landscaping | Total Tree Service and Landscaping LLC - West Hartford, CT

Taking proper care of your trees ensures that you’ll continue to enjoy their vibrant, attractive appearance for years to come. Total Tree Service and Landscaping LLC provides landscaping services focused on maintaining the health and appearance of trees belonging to home and business owners all over West Hartford, CT.

Our expert climbers and advanced equipment allow us to safely do maintenance work on tall trees that other companies can’t touch.

Landscaping and tree care services we provide include:

Trimming and Pruning—Providing your trees with regular maintenance helps preserve their health and appearance. Our crew removes dead or diseased limbs and branches, and works to provide your tree with a more regular appearance and a sounder structure.
Cabling and Bracing—Trees and branches that are in danger of falling but are otherwise healthy don’t necessarily need to be removed. Using cables or bracing bars, we can reinforce the structure of your tree and limit its movement in the wind, significantly reducing the chances that individual limbs or the entire structure will fall in the next storm.

Ensure the safety and beauty of your trees and of your property as a whole with landscaping and tree care from Total Tree Service and Landscaping LLC. Contact us today to get a free estimate on your next job!