Fire Wood

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Fire Wood - What We Supply

Fire Wood | Total Tree Service and Landscaping LLC - West Hartford, CT

Make the winters in West Hartford, CT, a little bit cozier with fire wood from Total Tree Service and Landscaping LLC. We offer local residents all types of fire wood and kindling, including both hardwoods and softwoods, air dried fire wood, fire wood for stovetops, green fire wood, and seasoned fire wood.

We supply your home with fire wood from two different sources, depending on your preference:

Precut Fire Wood—Working with so many trees gives us access to all kinds of fire wood, which we carefully select and prepare for use. Whatever type or amount of fire wood you need, Total Tree Service and Landscaping LLC can bring it to you, or ready it for you to pick up.
Fire Wood from Your Property—One cost effective option is to let our professionals cut your fire wood from your own property. We can quickly and safely cut down the tree of your choice and transform it into a large batch of fire wood that will keep you and your family cozy throughout the entire winter. The wonderful scent and warm glow will be that much sweeter with the knowledge that the wood in the fire came from your own property.

Fire wood is a great way to heat your home or even prepare food in a traditional, romantic manner. When autumn winds are blowing or snow and ice are piling up outside, nothing is more pleasant than relaxing close to a warm fire crackling merrily in your fireplace. For your comfort and safety, make sure that the fire wood you use to build your fire burns hot and true. Contact Total Tree Service and Landscaping LLC today for the highest quality fire wood available for your hearth or stove!